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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Little baby bunny boy - Mr. Lucas!

My little baby Lucas just turned 4 months old and of course we needed to do a photo shoot. He just laughs and laughs at us and didn't mind getting stuffed into a basket. He is just such a little doll and so very good natured about grandma posing him picture after picture.

My sweet little bunny boy!

I think we will show this one at graduation!

Doesn't Lucas look handsome in his little hat? I wish I had one of those cars that we could stick him in to go with his little derby. MMMMM maybe grandma needs to go shopping!

Lucas is  a man of many hats and he is so very good at leaving them on his head.

I sure wish I knew what he was thinking! I bet it was something like "shut the d#@* camera off and put my clothes back on....LOL!! 

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