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This blog is just for the fun of photography. It gives me a chance to share photos that I have taken of friends, family or whatever comes my way. Please stop by my regular blog at http://debbie-doodlings.blogspot.com/ and share in my wonderful Kennedy Klan life.

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Grandkids and tractor pulls

This is how we spent our weekend, playing with the grannies and playing at the 20th annual tractor pull - I think papa needs more hands!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trail Ridin'

Çhow Time

The views were so pretty - you felt like you were at the top of the world!

A closer look at those pretty pink feet

Mike giving everyone a break

Good night Neal

Cowgirls come in all sizes and ages.

This is what a real cowgirl looks like! I don't know her name but she sure has a good lookin' horse

This is Pistol's head from where I sat it looked like a long way down!

In file

Butte Ridin'

An 'over the shoulder shot' , the sky was so pretty!

The beauty of it all!

Our group from the Fort and our Friends

A couple of pranksters? - We know at least one is!

Siesta Time!

Giving the horses a little rest after climbing to the top!

How can a girl get some rest?

Pranksters at work again - a little water can wake you up!

Suzanne and Loretta - our friends from Lincoln.

Riders trail around the hill

Suzanne rode with me - taking care of a novice rider. Thanks Suzanne

One more shot of the first few minutes of the ride.

A Helping Hand
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