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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Baby Lucas' one month photo shoot!

Baby Lu - that's our nick name for little Lucas Jeffrey. He celebrated his one month old birthday at my house so of course........that meant a photo shoot. We didn't get a chance to do much as it seemed to upset the little tyke being moved, changed, positioned etc. But we did get a few good shots in. He looks so cute in his little cap, wish I would have  had an old car to put in the background.
Happy 1 month birthday Lucas!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Our 4th and final stop - Marissa's home

For this stop, our final one of the night we were not only entertained by Marissa's lovely little daughter but also by the sweet sounds of our friend Jess. She has this delightful voice and I am so going to recruit her for next year's Christmas Dinner, the Historical one at the Fort. Marissa's home is set in the country, I wish it would have been early enough for outdoor pictures as she has a beautiful view of the buttes. I think this home has been in the Betson family for many a year but I don't really know that for sure. It is a warm and homey little house and we were greeted by two of the prettiest little dogs.

Not to many people cut their own tree anymore, mostly they are fake or boughten ones but Marissa's is the Real Deal! Not only is their home in the perfect country setting but their tree was the perfect country tree. And the smell.........umm there is nothing better than a fresh cut pine tree.

This stop was for dessert, and boy was it wonderful. Marissa is a master cheesecake baker and believe me I ate every bite of mine. I think it was an almond cheesecake but I was so tired and full by this time that I didn't get the actual name. It didn't matter to me what it was called as I was busy gobbling it all up........every last little crumb.

Sorry about the red eye, I have taken it out with every program I own and yet I still didn't get it. Anyway this is Jess, she lives in Chadron and blessed us with her singing, that was when we could get her to quit playing with little miss Miranda. Like I said I am recruiting her for next year.

Ok here is a picture of our host, Marissa Betson and her little daughter Miranda. We had so many laughs watching Miranda dance and show off. Even my little grannie Cash got a kick out of her antics.

This is my daughter Brandi and her youngest son Cash. We made a stop between houses to pick Cash up as grandpa was struggling a little bit to entertain the young man. They, like Jess and Misty live in another town so are unable to have a meal at their homes so they are gracious to help the rest of us out.

I am sorry that these pictures aren't real good but the nativity set is every so beautiful. I included several pictures of the set.

We also did an ornament exchange, which is so much fun and great because we get to take home a little of the personality of the person who gave it. I never even thought to take a photo of all the wonderful ornaments but I did get a shot of mine, it came from my daughter Brandi and fits perfectly with my decorating theme.

What a wonderful time we had, I look forward to doing this again next year. Thanks ladies for a wonderful night of fine food, wine and friends!

Our 3rd Stop on the Progressive Dinner - Becky's!

So far we had appetizers at my house, sorry no pictures, I was too busy cooking, not something I do very often anymore since all the kiddos moved out. Our second stop was at Angie's for salad and hot bread, raspberry tea and eye candy and then on to the leader of the clan Becky Wendland. Becky has an amazing house that tells a story of her life. From antiques that she inherited, a medley of her husband's hobbies to drawings from her children. An eclectic home of happiness.

When you walk into Becky's house your eye immediately goes to her beautiful tree. And the great part about it is that you can see it from her big picture window when walking up to her house. It is filled with fun little ornaments. Many are the old fashion kind, the ones from the early 1900's. And don't forget all her kiddos stuff, like I said her house is filled with everything.

Here is one of them. Santa on a Harley! Maybe Santa doesn't drive a Harley but the Wendlands' do. They love to go crusin' on Jeff's bike.

She has this beautiful little village setting in her windowsill right behind the tree. I only took a couple of snapshots unfortunately. (Sorry about the sideways shot, I thought I straightened it but I guess NOT)

Our chef for the night, Becky's hubby Jeff. Wow can he cook. We had ham, mashed potatoes, gravy and all the fixins'. OK I think Becky pitched in too, but how wonderful a husband that cooks! Thanks Jeff for the yummy main course!

Our tablescape. It was so festive and homey. Becky quilted the runner herself. I love the napkin rings, edible - how nice! And look at these rooster/chicken salt and pepper shakers. Antiques I would bet.

Becky knows the real Santa, he painted these pictures too. Did you know that Santa was an artist? He certainly is, and he knows Becky personally, so she really has to be a good girl.

This is Becky, and it wasn't taken at her home but at Angie's. But now you know who I am talking about. Well that was about all the photos I shot at Becky's. Wish I would have taken my good camera and had a little more time. Come back tomorrow when you get to see photos of a real Country home. Marissa invited us to her house for the dessert. She is a Master Cheese Cake maker and believe me if you ever get a chance to bite into one of her cheese cakes you will want to hire her to make them for you. Plus we had some fun entertainment from her daughter Miranda AND a small but beautiful song fest from our talented friend Jess. Until then.......

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Progressive Dinner and oh the fun we had!

We will start this tour in stages as I have another gathering of friends in just a few short hours and I must start cooking. This is our Progressive Dinner crew, not really my crew but my daughters, however I love all of them so much so yes, they are MY crew too. The only problem with a Progressive Dinner is that you have to limit how many people can come as you have to have enough seating for them. I NEED, NEED, NEED a bigger house because I am the one who limits the crew since I have just a little cottage house compared to the others. Now I have to tell you about these gals, they are so much fun to be around, each of them talented in their own rights as you will see when we are done with the tour. Besides being great mommies, cooks and friends they are also the most nurturing, kind and wonderful people. A couple come from the next town to us, we were missing 3 of our buddies from last year so Lisa, Mandy and Phae "wish you were here". Maybe next............

Ok first on the stop was my house but guess what.......I didn't take any pictures, the only one I got was taken by a 4 year old and the group taken by my husband and well, it isn't the best but at least I have one. Thanks Jaxon & Jeffrey!! He (Jeff) also was the babysitter so we need to be nice to him.

Second stop was at Angies. Now this gal has the talent that we all would love to have. Not that the others don't because they do, and every one's house depicted their personality and it was wonderful, but back to Angie. She has the knack, I don't know what else to say. I can't imagine what she could do with A. Her own home and B. More time (she has a 3 yr. old, a new one on the way and she babysits) and C. Well what we could all use more of $$$. But Angie is one of the creatives that doesn't need the money she has the talent, but hey it always helps. So lets take a peek at her home.

On one her mantels she has these lovely goblets or candle holders or whatever they are. They are so pretty, with her 'dune' colored walls the black, red and silver just pop. You will see a different view of this in a moment. I didn't bring my good camera so I just played a little with the little Finepix.

Another look at that mantel. Isn't it just great!

Her tree is flocked and done in silver and red......and yes I stole her idea but believe me, mine isn't as pretty. Anyway last year it was awesome and I just couldn't help myself but to borrow her creative ideas. But her tree also has personality with the little ornaments and extras that her little Preston brings to their family.

Angie also has a talent for making wreaths. She can whip one up in no time and they all are beautiful. She makes from elegant to whimsical and they are all great. This wreath greeted us at her front door.

OH here we are.....not sure if my grannie Jaxon took this one or if it was Jeff but from L-r; My daughter Brandi; Misty; Marissa; Angie and myself (UUGH!); in the front is Becky and Jess.

Another look at the beautiful tree, sorry my flimsy camera doesn't do it justice.

Here is a shot of her Ansel Adams pictures. One wall is covered with about 20 photos of her son Preston. When I asked her what she was going to do with the 2nd babe came along she said "I'm NOT taking down my Ansel Adams" LOL!!

Her stop was to serve us salad - which by the way she makes the best and I do mean best salad ever. I am talking just a tossed salad but she has a talent for that too. Everything is cut into perfect little bites, including the lettuce the she has a few extra ingredients and wah lah the perfect salad. Anyway these bowls were a set she received at her wedding and we all fell in love with them. You could put some man sized soup in these babies!!

Shot before we got the salad........sorry because it was so festive looking but I might have been snooping in the living room with my camera when she brought out the goodies including some yummy bread.

Oh -- here is a little of that tree again.

MY GOSH!! I had better finish this up, just hours before my next guests arrive and I'm in my p.j.s Well it snowed and it is Sunday and ....... and...... and.........

I'm not done yet, we have a few more stops and maybe I still have some shots from Angie's house. Thanks for touring with me. I will be back.

Monday, December 7, 2009

1935 Historical Christmas Dinner

The Buffalo Barracks is filled with good food, good friends and lots of holiday spirit at the Historical Dinner.

Mint jelly........yummy! I really don't know, I didn't taste it but it sure looked pretty on the table.

My daughter and her friends enjoying the dinner.

JoAnn Read, my Office Clerk helps to set the 56 water carafes on the table before the 200 plus guests arrive.

This was the grapevine, pine bough chandelier that we hung over 21 lights in the Buffalo Barracks. This was an extra I brought home to put on the front porch.

My granddaughter Adrianne, was one of the the "Itty Bitty Choir" singers.

More of the grannies and the "Itty Bitty Choir" singers. Jaxon Keane, (one of my grannies); Kamden Victory (my great niece) are on top. Emma Kennedy (my youngest granddaughter) and Kyler Gortsema.

The Cornerstone Bell Choir from Hot Springs were part of the entertainment and oh how pretty those bells were!

Talon Jelenick and the Itty Bittys' tell a story about a snowman with a carrot nose and a silly bunny who ate IT!
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