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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Progressive Dinner and oh the fun we had!

We will start this tour in stages as I have another gathering of friends in just a few short hours and I must start cooking. This is our Progressive Dinner crew, not really my crew but my daughters, however I love all of them so much so yes, they are MY crew too. The only problem with a Progressive Dinner is that you have to limit how many people can come as you have to have enough seating for them. I NEED, NEED, NEED a bigger house because I am the one who limits the crew since I have just a little cottage house compared to the others. Now I have to tell you about these gals, they are so much fun to be around, each of them talented in their own rights as you will see when we are done with the tour. Besides being great mommies, cooks and friends they are also the most nurturing, kind and wonderful people. A couple come from the next town to us, we were missing 3 of our buddies from last year so Lisa, Mandy and Phae "wish you were here". Maybe next............

Ok first on the stop was my house but guess what.......I didn't take any pictures, the only one I got was taken by a 4 year old and the group taken by my husband and well, it isn't the best but at least I have one. Thanks Jaxon & Jeffrey!! He (Jeff) also was the babysitter so we need to be nice to him.

Second stop was at Angies. Now this gal has the talent that we all would love to have. Not that the others don't because they do, and every one's house depicted their personality and it was wonderful, but back to Angie. She has the knack, I don't know what else to say. I can't imagine what she could do with A. Her own home and B. More time (she has a 3 yr. old, a new one on the way and she babysits) and C. Well what we could all use more of $$$. But Angie is one of the creatives that doesn't need the money she has the talent, but hey it always helps. So lets take a peek at her home.

On one her mantels she has these lovely goblets or candle holders or whatever they are. They are so pretty, with her 'dune' colored walls the black, red and silver just pop. You will see a different view of this in a moment. I didn't bring my good camera so I just played a little with the little Finepix.

Another look at that mantel. Isn't it just great!

Her tree is flocked and done in silver and red......and yes I stole her idea but believe me, mine isn't as pretty. Anyway last year it was awesome and I just couldn't help myself but to borrow her creative ideas. But her tree also has personality with the little ornaments and extras that her little Preston brings to their family.

Angie also has a talent for making wreaths. She can whip one up in no time and they all are beautiful. She makes from elegant to whimsical and they are all great. This wreath greeted us at her front door.

OH here we are.....not sure if my grannie Jaxon took this one or if it was Jeff but from L-r; My daughter Brandi; Misty; Marissa; Angie and myself (UUGH!); in the front is Becky and Jess.

Another look at the beautiful tree, sorry my flimsy camera doesn't do it justice.

Here is a shot of her Ansel Adams pictures. One wall is covered with about 20 photos of her son Preston. When I asked her what she was going to do with the 2nd babe came along she said "I'm NOT taking down my Ansel Adams" LOL!!

Her stop was to serve us salad - which by the way she makes the best and I do mean best salad ever. I am talking just a tossed salad but she has a talent for that too. Everything is cut into perfect little bites, including the lettuce the she has a few extra ingredients and wah lah the perfect salad. Anyway these bowls were a set she received at her wedding and we all fell in love with them. You could put some man sized soup in these babies!!

Shot before we got the salad........sorry because it was so festive looking but I might have been snooping in the living room with my camera when she brought out the goodies including some yummy bread.

Oh -- here is a little of that tree again.

MY GOSH!! I had better finish this up, just hours before my next guests arrive and I'm in my p.j.s Well it snowed and it is Sunday and ....... and...... and.........

I'm not done yet, we have a few more stops and maybe I still have some shots from Angie's house. Thanks for touring with me. I will be back.


  1. D~ Your "flimsy" camera take pretty darn pics! I love the tree pics! So pretty! Thanks for the wonderful appetizers, YUMMY! Now, we need your recipe! TTYL!

  2. Oh Deb, oh Deb, oh Deb.....not sure what to say, thank you so much for the beautiful blog! I am just now reading this post, I some how missed this, silly me!! Maybe after the first of the year, when things settle down a bit we can set something up for a "redecorate my room/house" day. Of course I think your home is just lovely, but I understand I too would love for someone to do something with my same ol' same ol'. And btw, I am so sorry that I have not cleaned for you in FOREVER :( If you hire someone else I will NOT be offended :) I probably won't get to clean again for a while. I'm so sorry, I know how much you enjoyed me cleaning for you & our little visits here & there. BUT, now if a project comes up here or there, call me! And we'll just see where things are at & if I can, I just know as of now I cannot plan to do it on a weekly or even a biweekly basis. You are the best Deb & I truly think the world of you & Jeff. Love you guys!!! God bless & have a Merry Christmas.

  3. Oh...I hope it's ok, I'm stealing these pics. from your blog for my own blog :) Thanks for taking them Deb!


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