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Monday, December 14, 2009

Our 4th and final stop - Marissa's home

For this stop, our final one of the night we were not only entertained by Marissa's lovely little daughter but also by the sweet sounds of our friend Jess. She has this delightful voice and I am so going to recruit her for next year's Christmas Dinner, the Historical one at the Fort. Marissa's home is set in the country, I wish it would have been early enough for outdoor pictures as she has a beautiful view of the buttes. I think this home has been in the Betson family for many a year but I don't really know that for sure. It is a warm and homey little house and we were greeted by two of the prettiest little dogs.

Not to many people cut their own tree anymore, mostly they are fake or boughten ones but Marissa's is the Real Deal! Not only is their home in the perfect country setting but their tree was the perfect country tree. And the smell.........umm there is nothing better than a fresh cut pine tree.

This stop was for dessert, and boy was it wonderful. Marissa is a master cheesecake baker and believe me I ate every bite of mine. I think it was an almond cheesecake but I was so tired and full by this time that I didn't get the actual name. It didn't matter to me what it was called as I was busy gobbling it all up........every last little crumb.

Sorry about the red eye, I have taken it out with every program I own and yet I still didn't get it. Anyway this is Jess, she lives in Chadron and blessed us with her singing, that was when we could get her to quit playing with little miss Miranda. Like I said I am recruiting her for next year.

Ok here is a picture of our host, Marissa Betson and her little daughter Miranda. We had so many laughs watching Miranda dance and show off. Even my little grannie Cash got a kick out of her antics.

This is my daughter Brandi and her youngest son Cash. We made a stop between houses to pick Cash up as grandpa was struggling a little bit to entertain the young man. They, like Jess and Misty live in another town so are unable to have a meal at their homes so they are gracious to help the rest of us out.

I am sorry that these pictures aren't real good but the nativity set is every so beautiful. I included several pictures of the set.

We also did an ornament exchange, which is so much fun and great because we get to take home a little of the personality of the person who gave it. I never even thought to take a photo of all the wonderful ornaments but I did get a shot of mine, it came from my daughter Brandi and fits perfectly with my decorating theme.

What a wonderful time we had, I look forward to doing this again next year. Thanks ladies for a wonderful night of fine food, wine and friends!

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