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Monday, December 14, 2009

Our 3rd Stop on the Progressive Dinner - Becky's!

So far we had appetizers at my house, sorry no pictures, I was too busy cooking, not something I do very often anymore since all the kiddos moved out. Our second stop was at Angie's for salad and hot bread, raspberry tea and eye candy and then on to the leader of the clan Becky Wendland. Becky has an amazing house that tells a story of her life. From antiques that she inherited, a medley of her husband's hobbies to drawings from her children. An eclectic home of happiness.

When you walk into Becky's house your eye immediately goes to her beautiful tree. And the great part about it is that you can see it from her big picture window when walking up to her house. It is filled with fun little ornaments. Many are the old fashion kind, the ones from the early 1900's. And don't forget all her kiddos stuff, like I said her house is filled with everything.

Here is one of them. Santa on a Harley! Maybe Santa doesn't drive a Harley but the Wendlands' do. They love to go crusin' on Jeff's bike.

She has this beautiful little village setting in her windowsill right behind the tree. I only took a couple of snapshots unfortunately. (Sorry about the sideways shot, I thought I straightened it but I guess NOT)

Our chef for the night, Becky's hubby Jeff. Wow can he cook. We had ham, mashed potatoes, gravy and all the fixins'. OK I think Becky pitched in too, but how wonderful a husband that cooks! Thanks Jeff for the yummy main course!

Our tablescape. It was so festive and homey. Becky quilted the runner herself. I love the napkin rings, edible - how nice! And look at these rooster/chicken salt and pepper shakers. Antiques I would bet.

Becky knows the real Santa, he painted these pictures too. Did you know that Santa was an artist? He certainly is, and he knows Becky personally, so she really has to be a good girl.

This is Becky, and it wasn't taken at her home but at Angie's. But now you know who I am talking about. Well that was about all the photos I shot at Becky's. Wish I would have taken my good camera and had a little more time. Come back tomorrow when you get to see photos of a real Country home. Marissa invited us to her house for the dessert. She is a Master Cheese Cake maker and believe me if you ever get a chance to bite into one of her cheese cakes you will want to hire her to make them for you. Plus we had some fun entertainment from her daughter Miranda AND a small but beautiful song fest from our talented friend Jess. Until then.......

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  1. Enjoyed all the pics Deb & your narration ;) Thanks!


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