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Thursday, February 11, 2010

WeEk of LoVe - Day 5

It is already Day 5 of WeEk of LoVe where we post about something or someone we can't live without. I am almost at a loss for words to describe these most precious people in my life. I couldn't live with out them. They COMPLETE my life.

Taylor Michael is my oldest grandchild..........he is an amazing person..........

.......I don't know if there are enough words in the dictionary to define him..............he is

kind, caring, intelligent, athletic, talented, humorous.......and on and on. I love you Bug!

Austin is one of those people that you have to dig deep to get to know the real person, he is strong of mind, heart and soul............

he will some day grow up to do big things.......I love you my little Austy Spamonte!

When it comes to angels one can't help but think their faces must look a lot like my little Adrianne. She is a sweet and pretty on the inside as she is on the outside........she is my all girl .........

.....she loves to play dress up and dolls and will make the best of mommies some day. I love you Adriannie!

Jaxon lights up the day as much as he lights up my heart. He is probably my most sensitive grandchild and has the biggest imagination I have ever seen on a child...........he is kind, loving.........

full of humor and grace. I love you more than life itself Jax!!

Our little Emma is as bright as the sun, her golden curls and beautiful blue eyes can melt the ice of the thickest iceberg. She is a little tomboy with a hint of girly girl starting to show through......

......when Emma is around one just wants to stop and watch as she opens up the world around her. Emma has a sweet nature and tries to be strong and brave when faced with life's uncertanties. I love you my little Emmer Jean!

And then there is Cash..........our sweet little cuddly bundle of joy. This little guy can light up a room of strangers with his big ole  smile. He is a happy little guy and love and joy just spills from his little spirit.
Cash is happy............

to sit quietly on your lap or snuggle with his mama. I watch as he grows and wonder at his calm quiet little spirit, that of his daddy's I think. Oh Cashus Clay you are a blessing to us and I love you.

Our little baby Lucas.........what a blessing he has brought to our family. I look at him in awe and wonder what kind of person he is going to grow up to be.......will he take after his calm mama or will the intensity of his dad's nature show through.......I can't wait to get to know him better.

Lucas is a miracle sent from heaven............a big boy who already show a strong spirit..........Oh little Lucas I love you!

God has truly blessed me with these beautiful grandchildren. I love to watch them as they grow, to see the kind of people they are and know that God has looked down on us from the Heaven's to give us such warm and beautiful people in which to share our lives. I can tell you that I trully  can't live without these people in my life. They define the person that I am - may God Bless them.

Please feel free to join us with the WeEk of LoVe as it has been a very re-warding trip for me.

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