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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treating 2009

Our Littliest pumpkin - Cash!

Austin Wayne - SCARY!!

Our little witchy witch Adrianne! She's too sweet to be a witch.

Bat Man -- I mean Jaxon!

Cash - the little Monster!

All three little spooks!

Trick or Treating at Kelsey's!

Yum, yum,,,,,,,,,give me some!

Uncle Jeremy took Cash for his First Trick or Treat!

"I see the moon.....the moon sees me". The weather, despite the snow, was absolutely beautiful. It was a Kodak moment.

We met some STRANGE people along the way. This scary ole' man aka - Jim Stolldorf didn't scare Cash but Jaxon was pretty leary.

The bush would jump out and grab you if you weren't careful. Can you see his eyes?

Who was that behind Brandi, Talon and Jaxon? I don't think he belonged with us!!

I told you, he would get you!

Our group: The Morava's; The Jelnicks' The Keane's

LOVE those red lips!

Jaxon likes to have me dress up, it wasn't much but he liked me being a "Pumpkin witch" Every heard of one of those?

Bat Man again.

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